Our Mission

At Assembly HOA, our mission is to create turnkey communities and protect property values through transparent, efficient, and proactive management. By combining top industry expertise with advanced software, we provide real-time financial insights, strategic community planning, and automated operations.

Why We Started

Shreyas and Allen first became close friends during high school. As the years passed, Allen delved into the world of real estate, practicing it on the side, handling deals for close friends and family. So, when Shreyas decided to take the leap into homeownership, it was only natural for him to turn to Allen to act as his agent. Together, they navigated the intricacies of purchasing Shreyas's first condo, an experience that unveiled glaring inefficiencies within the HOA system. This experience, combined with a subsequent $25,000 unexpected special assessment within weeks of moving in, became a catalyst for change.

In response, Shreyas and Allen embarked on a fact-finding mission, engaging with board presidents, HOA managers, law firms, and homeowners. Their in-depth research underpinned the development of Assembly, their answer to broken HOAs. With an emphasis on unparalleled transparency, accountability, and exceptional service, Assembly aims to transform the industry, returning agency back to homeowners.

And, as a nod to Shreyas' personal experience with his self-managed HOA, Assembly also offers a unique software-only solution for self-managed communities, equipping them with essential tools to operate effectively without the reliance on external managers.

The Assembly Difference

Our difference lies at the intersection of technology and human ingenuity. We have developed an innovative software solution that provides our managers with the ability to automate time-consuming tasks, freeing them to focus on delivering premium service to homeowners. We are driving a fundamental shift away from the archetype of the overworked, inaccessible manager towards a model that values prompt, attentive service and clear communication.


Through Assembly, Shreyas and Allen have brought together their collective experience and passion for real estate, technology, and community to tackle the challenges that have long plagued homeowners associations. Their aim is to craft a solution that instills in every homeowner a profound sense of ownership and vested interest in their community.

Shreyas Bharadwaj

disillusioned condo owner, hoa board member, ml engineer

Allen Liou

real estate agent, customer success magician, frontend engineer

Shreyas used his personal experience with his HOA as a springboard to protect homeowners' investments and enhance community living standards. A former ML engineer, he left his role to commit himself fully to fixing HOAs.

Allen has an extensive background in both the real estate industry and engineering. As a real estate agent, Allen often advised clients to avoid properties with HOAs due to their inherent inefficiencies. Now, Allen brings his unique blend of real estate insight and technical expertise to drive transformative change in the HOA management landscape.