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At Assembly HOA Management, we combine Los Angeles's best managers with modern transparent software to make your HOA experience seamless and stress-free.

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Make your community turnkey.

At Assembly, we actively enhance and preserve your property's value through strategic maintenance, improvements, and community engagement. Our industry expertise ensures your investment is protected and your property remains appealing for all homeowners.

Our Management Services

Financial Management

We oversee the complete financial lifecycle - from collecting assessments to making vendor payments. We also prepare comprehensive financial reports and budgets for your convenience and ease.

Our services include:

  • Enforce assessment collection and delinquencies
  • Prepare budget based on historical data and projected repairs
  • Deposit all cash receipts into the Association's FDIC insurance-eligible accounts.
  • and more...

Property Management

We offer a straightforward, effective approach to property management for HOAs, focusing on prompt, reliable service and hands-on management that results in cost savings and a smoothly functioning community.

Our services include:

  • Manage service requests for maintenance and repairs
  • Promptly respond to urgent service requests and after-hours emergencies
  • Assist the Board of Directors in obtaining bids for services and provide input during the selection process
  • Monitor vendor and contractor performance
  • and more...

Administrative Management

Our strength lies in simplifying administrative management for HOAs, seamlessly handling routine tasks and procedures. We prioritize understanding each HOA's specific needs, offering solutions that make managing the community as straightforward as possible.

Our services include:

  • Coordinate meetings and prepare agendas
  • Assist with violation notices, owner correspondences, and vendor communications
  • Ensure contractors are licensed, bonded, and insured
  • Assist board of directors with legal or insurance claims
  • and more...

Don't think full management is right for you?
No problem.

For smaller communities or those that have always gravitated towards self-management, Assembly offers a groundbreaking software-only solution. This offering, available at low cost, has been meticulously crafted to ensure that board members have the tools they need to manage their communities transparently and effectively.

For communities larger than 25 units, please reach out to us at (213) 282-8809 or [email protected] for pricing.

Features That Empower

Assembly's software is not just another management tool; it's a comprehensive ecosystem tailored specifically for HOAs. Users can expect a suite of capabilities, encompassing everything from autopay for seamless dues collection, to sophisticated delinquency management. It streamlines processes like accounts payable and ensures that board approvals are executed smoothly, reflecting the ease-of-use and experience one would anticipate from modern software.

Banking, Redefined

Software-only users aren't merely limited to management tools. They are also granted access to Assembly's comprehensive banking suite, a set of tools crafted with HOA-specific needs at its core. Whether it's the convenience of digitally sending checks, the flexibility of easily modifying signature cards, or the added security measures for reserve fund movements, Assembly ensures that financial management is not just about transactions but about trust and transparency.

Our Software Advantage

At Assembly, our purpose-built HOA management software is designed to deliver an efficient, user-friendly experience to board members and homeowners alike.

Homeowner Transparency

All homeowners have access to real-time financial reports and analytics. The way it should be.

Automated Accounts Payable

Invoice Processing

Assembly automatically processes invoices and submits them to board members for approval.

Board Approvals for Expenses

Quickly approve expenses with Assembly.

Automatic Vendor Payments

Assembly automatically pays approved expenses to vendors.

Your HOA's financials all in one place

Real-time Reports
Monitor your HOA's financials anytime with real-time, interactive reports in Assembly.
FDIC insurance-eligible accounts up to $250k
Operating and Reserve financial accounts in Assembly enable you to easily monitor your HOA balances.
Collect HOA Dues With Autopay
Setup Autopay directly in Assembly to automatically collects HOA dues each month online.
Expense Management & Approvals
Approve or deny expenses directly in Assembly.
Automated Accounts Payable
Assembly automatically sends payments to vendors and contractors digitally once they are approved.
Loans for Major HOA Repairs
Get access to HOA loans to pay for major repairs over time. Coming soon.

the all-in-one HOA management solution

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